Articles about Edward Ihnatowicz and his work

"The Technologies of Edward Ihnatowicz", A. Zivanovic, chapter in a forthcoming book “White Heat and Cold Logic: British Computer Arts 1960–1980: An historical and critical analysis” accepted for publication by MIT Press. Due for publication 2006

Use this if you want an academic reference: You may have to create a login to read it. "The Development of a Cybernetic Sculptor: Edward Ihnatowicz and The Senster", A. Zivanovic, ACM “Creativity and Cognition Conference 2005” April 12-15, 2005, London, UK
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Page 1 (page 12 in Acrobat reader) of: "SAM, The Senster and The Bandit: Early Cybernetic Sculptures by Edward Ihnatowicz", A. Zivanovic, “Robotics, Mechatronics and Animatronics in the Creative and Entertainment Industries and Arts Symposium”, AISB 2005 Convention, April 13, 2005, Hatfield, UK

All the following articles are available in one document here (pdf 922K) or you can look at them individually.

SAM has an entry in "Cybernetic Serendipity: the computer and the arts" (pdf 330K), edited by Jasia Reichardt, Studio International, 1968.

Edward Ihnatowicz and his work are reviewed in "Art at large" (pdf 58K), by Jasia Reichardt, published in New Scientist, May 4th, 1972

There is a very good extract about the Senster in "Science and Technology in Art Today" (pdf 99K) by Jonathan Benthall, Thames and Hudson, London 1972
[The same article (with a slightly different first paragraph) was published in Studio International, 1971.]

The Senster is mentioned in "Robots: Fact, Fiction + Prediction" (pdf 184K), by Jasia Reichardt, Thames and Hudson, 1978

The Senster is mentioned in "Are Computers Alive" (pdf 45K) by Geoff Simons, 1983, ISBN 0-7108-0501-2

There is an interesting interview with Edward Ihnatowicz in "Soft Computing: art and design" (pdf 79K), by Brian Reffin Smith, Addison-Wesley, 1984

The Senster is mentioned in "The Creative Computer: Machine Intelligence and Human Knowledge" (pdf 51K) by Donald Michie and Rory Johnston, Penguin Books, 1984.

Ed Ihnatowicz, SAM and the Senster are mentioned in "Emergent Behaviours towards computational aesthetics" (pdf 48K) by Paul Brown, commissioned by and first published in Artlink Vol. 16, Nos. 2 & 3, July 1996 . The full article is available on-line, here.

The Senster is mentioned in "Origin and Development of Robotic Art" (pdf 52K), by Eduardo Kac, which originally appeared in Art Journal, Vol. 56, N.3, Digital Reflections: The Dialogue of Art and Technology, Special issue on Electronic Art, Johanna Drucker, (ed.), CAA, NY, 1997, pp. 60-67. The full article is available on-line, here.

The popular BBC television programme Tomorrow's World broadcast a piece about Ihnatowicz and the Senster sometime between 1970 and 1974, but it seems the BBC has destroyed all the tapes of Tomorrow's World from this period.

"Elephants in the Attic (jpg 249K)" The autobiography of James Gardner. ISBN 0-85613-476-7 1983 pp 143 (jpg 292K), 144 (jpg 294K), 145 (jpg 299K), 146 (jpg 252K). (Including a small drawing of Senster). (Thanks to Reuben Hoggett).

"Robots" Hilary Henson. isbn 0-86272-003-6. 1981. p.7. a one-page introduction (jpg scan 610K) written by Ihnatowicz with a photograph of the Senster. (Thanks to Reuben Hoggett).

"science*art". Ans van Berkum and Tom Blekkenhorst. isbn 90-9001359-8 . p114 (only 1 paragraph) but good picture (jpg 519k) . (Thanks to Reuben Hoggett).

An article about the Senster appeared in Studio International, November 1971, p174 (jpg scan 650K). (Thanks to Reuben Hoggett)

An article about the Bandit appeared in Studio International, October 1973, p120 (jpg scan 600K). (Thanks to Reuben Hoggett)