The final fate of the Senster

The Senster was dismantled in 1974. I thought for a long time that it was completely destroyed but thanks to Erik Frenks, we now know that parts of it have survived. It appears that the electronic components were given away to local electronics enthusiasts but the mechanical structure was given to an engineering company who became aware of the historical siginificance of the Senster and put it up as an outdoor sculpture next to their building and there it still stands today (2003).

The photo shows how the Senster looked in 2002.

For many more photos of its current state, look at the page I have set up showing the work of six media technology students of the Hogeschool van Utrecht, who did a project about the Senster in 2003.

Also, one doppler unit was made as a spare, but never used. This also survives - for more details see this link.

According to Peter Lundahl, all the archives pertaining to the Senster at Philips have been destroyed except for a few photographs.

With thanks to Kees Stravers (see his site for more details) and Erik Frenks for the pictures.

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