Technical Info about the Senster

The Mechanical Structure

As part of the feasibility study, before building the full-sized structure of the Senster, Edward built some scale models, including one which was quarter sized shown in this photo:

This photo appears to show Edward working on the electronics to control the scale model:

The photo below shows Edward standing beside part of the Senster being built in his workshop (a garage) before he moved the structure to University College London.

The mechanical structure of the Senster was constructed by a technician called Stan ("The Welder") in the Thermodynamics sub-basement of the Mechanical Engineering Department of University College London. No proper engineering drawings were produced: Ihnatowicz drew rough sketches which he passed to Stan, who welded together the steel tubes.

I have a collection of photos from the time in UCL which I will post here soon.

The whole of the Senster, including the control computer, was moved from UCL to Eindhoven in July 1970.

Have a look at for some pictures of the potentiometers used to sense the positions of the joints, and a diagram of the arrangement of the hydraulic actuators.

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